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The Primitive Quartet CD - It’s Wonderful


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Larry Riddle. Reagan Riddle-guitar & cello. Norman Wilson-mandolin

Mike Riddle-guitar. Randy Fox-bass guitar & mandolin

Jeff Tolbert-fiddle, banjo, guitar & mandolin

Guests: Tony Creasman & David Johnson



What A Time In Heaven ... not available

It’s Wonderful was written by Buddy Ammons.

He’s The Same God was written by Reagan Riddle.

When He Beckons Me Home To Stay was written by George Shuffler.

He’s Holy written by Reagan Riddle.

The Greatest Nation was written by Reagan Riddle.

I Don’t Have To See The Tomb was written by Randel Jackson.

He’s Coming, He’s Coming was written by Reagan Riddle.

American Soldier was written by Reagan Riddle.

I’m Longing For Home was written by Squire Parsons.


The Primitive Quartet is a gospel group ... Candler, North Carolina.

CD released in 2011 on Mountain Heritage Records


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