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Paul Williams & The Victory Trio - Just A Little Closer Home


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Paul Williams-mandolin. Dan Moneyhun-guitar

Adam Winstead-guitar. Jerry Keys-banjo

Susie Keys-bass. Kevin Jackson-fiddle



Living The Right Life Now was written by Wade Mainer

What A Meeting In The Air was written by Marty and Ann Phillips

Anywhere Is Home was written by H.F. Morris

He Answered My Plea was written by Paul Humphrey

Only God’s Son was written by Raymond King

The Best Time Of My Life was written by Wendell Peak

Someone Made The Sandals Jesus Wore was written by Tom T. and Dixie Hall

Just A Little Closer Home was written by Gerald Sweatman

I’m Longing For Home was written by Squire Parsons

There’s Still Time was written by Susie Keys

The Lord Still Lives In This Old House was written by Bill R. Burns

I’ve Been Set Free was written by Dan Moneyhun


Paul Williams and The Victory is a bluegrass gospel group ... Morristown, Tennessee.

Paul Williams (Paul Humphrey) is also an excellent songwriter.

Album was released in 2010 on Rebel Records.